Below is a list of venues used by [act] promoters with (where available) audience capacity listed. This is intended as a guide only and you will need to contact the venue directly for full and accurate information. If you click on the venue name this will take you either to the County council web sites’ venue listings, other listings or to the venues web address, if you have a better link or would like to add another venue to the list please email details to

Venue Area Capacity
Alconbury Memorial Hall, PE28 4EQ Hunts 100
Aldreth Village Centre, CB6 3PQ E Cambs 100
Angles Theatre, Wisbech Fenland  
Brington Primary School, PE28 5AE Hunts 95
 Bythorn Village Hall, PE28 OQR Hunts  
 Comberton Village College, CB23 7DU S Cambs  
 Commemoration Hall, PE29 3AQ Hunts 180
 Cottenham Village College, CB4 8UA S Cambs Cottenham 300
 Ellesmere Centre, Stetchworth, CB8 9TS E Cambs 180
 Folksworth School, PE7 3TY Hunts 120 
 Haddenham, CB6 3XD E Cambs 150
 Hemingford Abbots Village Hall, PE28 9AH Hunts  
 Ickleton Village Hall, CB10 1SH S Cambs Sawston / Linton 150
 Little Gransden Village Hall, SG19 3DP Hunts 160
 Manea Village Hall, PE15 0JN Fenland 100
 March Town Hall, PE15 9JF Fenland 120
 Meldreth Village Hall SG8 6JU S Cambs Sawston / Linton 100
 Mepal Village Hall, CB6 2AL E Cambs 80
 Ramsey Abbey College, PE26 1DG Hunts 250
 Sawston Village College, CB2 4BP S Cambs Sawston / Linton 230
 The Fulbourn Centre, CB21 5HB S Cambs Sawston / Linton 200
 Thriplow Village Hall, SG8 7RD S Cambs Cottenham 70
 Toft Peoples Hall, CB23 2RE S Cambs 80
 Whittlesey, PE7 1SA Fenland 95
 St Andrew's Hall, Whittlesey, PE7 1BZ Fenland  
 Whittlesey, PE7 2PG Fenland  
 Wicken Village Hall, CB7 5XR E Cambs 120
 Wimblington Parish Hall, PE15 OQT Fenland 100
 Witchford Village College, CB6 2JA E Cambs  
 Queen's School, Wisbech Fenland 200
Soham Pavilion, CB7 5PL E Cambs 80