See Cinema Scheme : Film / Cinema kit hire

SeeCinema is the East Cambridgeshire rural film kit scheme. It is run by ADeC and is open to any community group in Cambridgeshire (excluding South Cambs which runs their own hire scheme). The kit is also available for private hire please contact us for more information. 

It's a great chance to see quality films of your choice on your own big screen in your local venue or village hall.  You can screen anything from Hollywood classics to the latest blockbuster films on DVD. There are a huge range of films available on the filmbank website.

We can hire you the equipment that you need to show films and support and advice in booking and promoting the films you want to show.  Community/Charity Group hire cost is £80+VAT for the kit with the smaller screen, £95+ VAT for kit with the larger screen.  To screen films in venues you will need to ensure that the venue has a licence to screen films, in addition you will need a film licence for the film of your choice.  If you would like us to book the film for you ring us for more information.

Commercial hire of the kit is £140/£150+ VAT (excluding the film licence).

The Equipment

The SeeCinema kit is a portable, digital cinema kit. It consists of:

  • a data projector
  • a portable screen (6’ by 8’) or larger portable screen (9' x 12')
  • a DVD/VHS video player
  • a sound system

The screen and sound system are large enough for up to 100-150 people to see a film, depending on the shape of your room.

The equipment has been set up for the scheme and is very simple to put together: no technician is needed. If you want to hire the kit you will need to have a one hour training session to learn how to put the kit together safely and effectively yourself. (£21+VAT)

The kit will fit in a car (estate or larger car, or smaller car with the seats down). It is not heavy, but at least two people are needed to put up and take down the screen and it is helpful to have two people to set up the projector and make sure it is properly focussed.


Films are available to hire through Filmbank.  if you wish to charge admission or promote your screening - you will need a commercial single title licence which we can arrange for you which allows you to screen the film legally.  If you are using a public venue - village hall etc, you need to check the venue's premises licence includes film.  



Upcoming Showings

Hope Springs (12A) - 13 Apr 2013 to
[act] Cinema: Grease (PG) - 29 Nov 2013 to


New film screening licence now available to Community Groups (doc | )

A new tailor-made screening licence has been launched for local film societies and community cinemas by MPLC and BFFS (British Federation of Film Societies)