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1. Look at the current MENU and consider which of the tours you would like to book and which date suits you best. Check on the availability of your proposed venue, that it fulfils the technical requirements and that the date does not clash with any other known local or national events. You should make a first, second and third choice.

2. It is advisable to speak to Jane Wilson on 01353 616997 before making your final choices. Some shows may be over subscribed, which leads to disappointment and wasted effort. Completed booking forms need to completed by a deadline date (please contact for next programme deadline). Although there are no guarantees - the earlier you book the more chance you have of getting the show/s you want.

3. I will prepare contracts and publicity material. You will need to sign the contract promptly and this includes a 'rider' about cancellation arrangements.

4. It is your responsibility to distribute posters and flyers locally, to place an article or advert in any local publications (e.g. parish magazine) and to contact the local press. I can advise about these and will also help to get publicity in regional publications and listings.

5. You will be given the name and contact details for the company. It is essential that you speak to them well before their visit to check on their planned time of arrival, make sure they have directions and find out if they have any specific requirements. If overnight accommodation may be required, check whether they do actually need it and give them the necessary details.

6. On the day of the performance meet the company as arranged, make sure they are comfortable and check with them about setting out the seats and other arrangements. Remember to collect all unsold tickets from ticket outlets so that you know how many you may sell on the door. Don't forget a cash 'float'.

7. Do not pay the company, but complete the Event Return Form giving details of all your costs, including the Performance Fee, and all your income from ticket sales. (You do not need to include any costs or income from refreshments, raffles, etc.)

8. If you made a profit on ticket sales you will need to share that with [act]. [act]'s share will be as follows:

a) For a profit up to £100, [act]'s share would be 50% of the profit. Example: for a profit of £88, [act]'s split should be £44.

b) For a profit of over £100, [act]’s share would be 50% of the first £100 and 75% of any profit over £100. Example: for a profit of £140, [act]’s split should be 50% of £100 plus 75% of £40, which is £50 + £30, which is £80.

Add [act]’s share of the profit to the agreed performance fee and send a cheque for the whole lot to [act] with the Event Return Form. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Arts in Cambs on Tour’.

9. If you made a loss from ticket sales you may claim 50% of the loss by completing the slip attached to the Event Return Form. However, you should still send a cheque for the agreed Performance Fee with your form.

10. When completing the Event Return Form make sure that you fill in the Performance Assessment section, since this lets us know what you and your audience thought of the show. Please feel free to add any extra comments.

I regularly come into contact with performing arts companies based in East Anglia. I have included a list at the back of the Menu. This is for two reasons; one to help publicise the range of talented artists in our region and two as a reference for you should you wish to book a performance directly with the artist. If are thinking about booking an artist directly and you would like support or advice about contracts, fees and publicity do not hesitate to contact Audrey. It is worth noting that any bookings you make directly with artists will not come under the [act] guarantee against loss scheme. This is not an exhaustive list and I welcome information about other regional artists. This list appears on the [act] page on the ADeC web site.

I am delighted that you are considering promoting performances for your community and will try to make the process as simple and painless as possible! It is hard work, but it is also very rewarding – both for the individuals involved and the community as a whole.



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